Selling C of E Primary School

Pilgrims Way Primary
Village Acedemy

Who We Are / Staff List

Organisation of Classes

From September 2017 the classes in our school are to be organised as follows:

Year Group


Teaching Assistant

R (Class R)

Mrs Kate Frost

Mrs Donna Leader

1 (Class 1)

Mr Adi Ahmet

Mrs Janet McGrath

2 (Class 2)

Miss Tiggy Lawson

Mrs Balans

3 (Class 3)

Dr Jess Mahdavi

Mrs Emma Lickman

4 (Class 4)

Mrs Fidge (2 days)

Mrs Tracey Ormerod (3 days)

Mrs Sarah Best

Mrs Sheila Johnson

5 (Class 5)

Mrs Allen

Mrs Vicky Harding

6 (Class 6)

Mr Dave Wood

Mrs Jo Sullivan


School Staff:
Head Teacher: Mrs Dyer
Assistant Head Teacher: Mr Ahmet

School Secretary: Mrs Dawson
Office Admin Assistants: Mrs McEleney
Family Liaison Officer (FLO): Ms Clark

Enrichment and Interventions: Mrs Fidge, Mrs Johnson

HLTA : Mrs Johnson

4 o'clock and After School Club: Miss Clark (Lead), Mrs Thomas Gray, Mrs Cassidy, Ms Sullivan, Mrs Seaman
Breakfast Club: Mrs Balans and Mrs McGrath
Caretaker: Mr Dean Owen

Central Academy Staff

Please CLICK HERE for information about all Central Academy Staff who support our school

How the schools benefit from being part of The Village Academy

Please CLICK HERE to see our Academy Charter for information about The Village Academy and how our school benefits.