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Class 2



2017-18 Term 4 - Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you has a wonderful, and relaxing half term break and are looking forward to the term ahead. The following information outlines our topics in Term 4:



This term, we will be working with a new class book - you will find out all about the story as we read it section by section over the term! We will be doing lots of predicting of what will happen next, as well as practising using the four sentence types in our writing: statements, commands, questions and exclamations. We will then use of topic of The Great Fire of London to inspire some report/diary writing towards the end of the term.



We will be starting the term by looking at measures (mainly length and capacity) learning to read and interpret different scales in jumps of ones, twos fives and tens. We will then move on to revising our methods of multiplication and division, before looking at time at the end of the term. Time is something that lots of children find difficult, so if you want to get a head start at home then talking to your child about the number of minutes in an hour, and hours in a day would be really helpful! Children need this secure understanding before we start looking at what each hand on a clock represents and how we then tell the time.



We will be learning about the Great Fire of London! We will be comparing how people lived in the past, compared with the present, exploring how the Great Fire started and spread across London, and how London was rebuilt after the Great Fire.



We will be focussing on Easter this term. We will be exploring why/how Christians celebrate Easter, as well as what the Easter Story can teach us about emotions and behaviour.



We will continue doing P.E on Thursday afternoons, however please ensure that P.E kits are in school at all times.


Spellings and times tables

Spellings and times tables will be tested and sent home every Friday. Please make sure that the blue spellings/times tables books are brought back to school by Wednesday each week to allow time for new spellings to be stuck in. Spellings will also be sent home on the week ahead sheet :)



Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me if you have any queries or concerns at any point. Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Lawson.