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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Class R

A Message from the Class Teacher, Mrs Frost


Class R Newsletter: Term 1


Hello and welcome to our Reception class.

We hope you had a wonderful summer and we are excited to hear about your adventures.

Our topic this term is “Ourselves” and we will be exploring and learning about our bodies, our senses, families, our homes,  celebrations and favourite things. We would love it if you could send in a photo of your child as a baby, clearly labelled with your child’s name, as we will be looking at change as part of our topic.


In Literacy we will be sharing stories, learning nursery rhymes and developing vocabulary through role play and discussion related to our reading. We will be teaching phonics using the DfES Letters and Sounds programme phase 2( s,a,t,p,m,i,n,d,g,,c,k,e,u,r,l ) and providing opportunities for mark making and writing across all areas of the curriculum. We will be sending story/reading books home for you to share with your child which can be changed daily or whenever your child would like a different one.


In Numeracy we will be exploring the number system through games, puzzles and counting rhymes and providing opportunities for writing and recognising numbers. We will also be looking at patterns, shape and ordering objects by size.


Monday is P.E. day and we will be encouraging the children to become independent in dressing themselves. Please can you ensure everything is clearly labelled with your child’s name, especially shoes/trainers/plimsolls.  As our PE slot is late on Monday morning, we may send the children home in their PE kits with their uniform in their PE bags if we run out of time!


Whilst Literacy and Numeracy are key elements of the foundation stage curriculum, developing social skills, language and communication, creativity and imagination are equally important. We place great emphasis on  encouraging independence in developing relationships, accessing resources in the classroom and confidence to develop a ‘voice’ in the classroom. To help with this, your child has a show and tell day. This will be a 5 minute slot during the day to talk to the rest of the class about a favourite toy or a recent family outing. This helps with speaking and listening skills for the whole class and builds relationships as children find they have similar interests.


Home School Communication:

 Please communicate achievements/exciting events/information through our Home School books as they are checked daily

The “Achievement Tree” is up and we would like you to make a leaf sharing your child’s achievements with us. This can take the form of an annotated photo, a picture your child has drawn, anything you’d like to share with us J. Maybe your child has interests out of school, such as cooking with you, riding their bike or maybe they go to dance, gym or swimming?


We are really looking forward to getting to know you all and please feel free to come and talk to any of the EYFS staff if you have any concerns, comments, questions or just to share good news!


Best wishes,

Mrs Frost and Mrs Leader