The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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The Wider Curriculum


Children’s understanding and enjoyment of art is developed through the opportunity to express their own ideas and feelings and by exploring the work of other artists.

We use a wide range of media and techniques to encourage our children to develop this vital area of the curriculum. Our children have specialist art teaching throughout the year culminating in a public display of the work at the Selling Church fete. Our children’s work has also been displayed at the National Gallery, following our success in the “Take One Picture” competition.

Design and Technology

Our aim in teaching design and technology is that all children will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to design, make and evaluate products fit for a purpose. 

Children are given opportunities to work with a wide range of materials and components to develop an understanding of control systems, energy and structures.

Cooking forms part of DT.


Children are encouraged to appreciate a wide variety of sounds and music - choral, orchestral, modern, classical and world music.  They make music with a range of musical instruments. 

We have a music specialist teacher who comes in and teaches every year group how to read music using the recorder, and  how to sing.  She also leads the school choir. Children are taught many songs and hymns and experience the pleasure of singing together. We’re very proud of our school choir which performs for a number of local charities and organisations.

Music lessons are also available in piano, guitar and violin.

Modern Foreign Languages

We feel that it is of vital importance that our children have knowledge and some understanding of foreign languages. In 2016, it became a legal requirement for all children in Key Stage 2 to learn a foreign language; our chosen language at Selling CEP School is French.

In addition, we also have 'Language of the Term' which celebrates different languages from around the world and the cultures from these countries. Our current Language of the Term is German.  

Lunchtime and after school French lessons are available through La Jolie Ronde.  For further details, please contact Sarah Austen on 07967 706868

Personal, Health and Social Education

In all aspects of school life we aim to promote the personal and social development of children.  Specific times are also set aside for class and group activities and games where children can develop an understanding of how to look after themselves and learn basic life and interpersonal skills. We have a scheme of work, Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) which the teachers access to develop these life strategies.

Sex and Relationship Education

We feel that it is important that children grow up to be confident about themselves and about changes they may experience not only in their bodies, but also in their feelings and relationships. 

The class teacher supported by video material sympathetically addresses this in Year 6. 

 Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is learning about sex, sexuality, emotions, relationships, keeping safe and ourselves. Kent LA have encouraged the relationship part should come first, encompassing relationships in all settings including, home, community and school. SRE at Selling Primary School is taught within the framework of guidelines outlined by the DfES and the objective is to help and support our children through their physical, emotional and moral development. Our programme covers the statutory elements of the Science National Curriculum. 

The school undertakes the responsibility of teaching SRE in a caring manner, appropriate to the age and ability of the children and being sensitive to the needs of individual children and their families.

We aim to help our children learn to respect themselves and others, build healthy relationships and prepare them with confidence for the passage through puberty into adolescence.

Collective Worship

At Selling school an act of worship, which reflects Anglican beliefs, practices and values, is held every day (in accordance with the requirements of our Trust Deed).  Every effort is made to ensure the content of the worship is appropriate to the ages and family backgrounds of the children.

Selling school uses the daily act of worship to help children learn the practice of prayer, silence and concentration and the use of symbols and ritual.  The daily worship underpins the Christian ethos of Selling School and the value of the individual and Christian community within the school. 

The Head Teacher  or one of the class teachers leads the daily act of worship on four days a week. Once a week, there is an opportunity for class worship. The children visit St Mary the Virgin, Selling Parish Church for a short service of collective worship, to celebrate important Christian festivals.

 Whilst parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship, we hope that they will discuss any concerns with the Head of School before exercising this right.